We are a DGQA Certified Manufacturer supplying to the Indian Ordnance Factories and related entities. We manufacture electrical and electro-mechanical sub- assemblies for a variety of heavy vehicles used by the Indian Defence forces.


  • Automatic Loading Gear for Tank T-72
  • Fire fighting equipment for Tank T-72
  • Engine starting system for Tank T-72
  • BMP – II Tank supplies
    • Electric Motor
    • Power supply system
    • Fire fighting equipment
  • Arjun Tank supplies
    • Rotary Base Junction
    • Gun Position Indicator
    • Various other parts
  • Armaments items
    • Cover of Obturator.
    • Electric Trigger & Contactor
    • Trigger with Cartridge Clip
    • Packing Rings (22 types)
  • Navy Items
    • Naval Voltage Regulator
    • Catridge Case
  • Air force items
    • Ground starting aggregate

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