Management Team

Management Team – The Senior Management team at Regent is a blend of experience and energy; knowledge and instinct; visionaries and executors.

Regent Group - Pradeep Kumar Murarka Mr. Pradeep Kumar Murarka - Graduating in B.Com (Hons), a first generation entrepreneur Mr. Pradeep Murarka is the visionary who has nurtured a modest start to build the pillars of the Regent Group. His mantra to his team has always been about delivering quality and honouring commitments. His vibrant energy and persevering attitude is at the core of Regent Group.

Regent Group - Reena Murarka Mrs. Reena Murarka’s strength lies in picking the best from the rest. Her insight has helped the group build a team of good people, as well as a strong asset base, which is the foundation for future growth. She has always looked upon the team at Regent as her family and binds us together into one cohesive unit.

Regent Group - Rajdeep Murarka Mr. Rajdeep Murarka graduated with a BA in Business & Information Management from University of Sheffield, UK. His contribution comes from converting the organisation’s vision into strategies and actions using new work methods.

Regent Group - Shalini Murarka Mrs. Shalini Murarka having completed her MSc in Marketing from the Manchester Business School brings her expertise in Marketing Communications & Branding. Her contribution in increasing the visibility and reach for the organisation brings opportunities for growth.

Regent Group - S. C. Ghosh Mr. S. C. Ghosh carries more than 30 years of rich experience in the field of power distribution and is popularly known as “the professor on Cables”. He not only founded the turnkey projects division but also led it to such great heights that Regent has become customer’s preferred choice.

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